Solve your short term problems with a short term loan

We help you access a short term loan to enable you get on with life and release stress during times of need. Are you a salary earner or a business person we help you all the way.

We are here to help you get back on your feet

There are times when things don’t go as planned and in such circumstances you may need financial assistance. At brickup we are ready to help you rise up again and take on challenges with a peace of mind.

Why you should borrow from us


We are a professional group and we promise excellency.


We are flexible in dealing with our customers. Our customers are the first priority.

Speed Of Delivery

Our aim to process loans at a very high speed so that there aren’t delays. 

Brief About us

Brickup Legacy Ltd was incorporated on the 29th day of September 2021. The company is located at Glam apartments level two Kampala road Mukono.

At Brickup Legacy, we value our clients’ relationship and wellbeing and we are committed to the fulfillment of that. We believe that there are things that just can’t wait for the salary to come and that’s the sole purpose for which it was created, to be the bridge between our client and their now needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Brickup Legacy turnaround time is what makes us the aces of this game. We instantly let you access the loan facilitate of your choice according to your affordability

All you need is to have a stable source of income for the time you are to service the loan

At Brickup Legacy each loan is tailor made according to your need

We offer an exciting and mostly one of the lowest interest rate in the Ugandan market.

This is tagged along your affordability and capacity to pay, and it gives you the convenience and peace of mind while repaying your loan